Tuesday, April 19, 2011


- usually can be any everyday citizen, knowingly or unknowingly due to secret crime creepy & secretive nature

- can be made up of groups from ordinary heartlanders, and they may not know what they are involved in,
or may only know limited information about whole operations.  Knowing "too much" of information by any individual perps may put the whole network under risk of being exposed.

- the leaders use divide and rule policy to keep secret crime going.  Gang members knowing too much will put the whole network under great danger of being exposed.

D.E.W.  (Directed Energy Weapon)   =  Electronic Device Beaming Directional Energy Wave  ( in form of
                                                                    Electromagnetic wave,  Acoustic wave,  Laser Light Wave)
- under US laws, if the beam energy cannot kill or cause permanent damage to a live body, its considered non-lethal .

- Current laws are meant for controling TASER Guns usage by police force. 

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